If you were not feeling well, would it make more sense to go to five different Doctors and tell each of them a little bit about the symptoms you are experiencing or go to the same Doctor five times so he or she can really begin to understand what the problem might be?

Most buyers are not certain what they want in a home. There is a process of discovering what they like and don’t like. When you work with one agent, you allow that person to be part of the discovery process and to understand why something is important to you or why it is not important.

Understanding Market Trends

Choose a agent who is up-to-date on what is going on in the market place. Is the market falling, rising or level? Where is the market compared to last month at this time, or last year at this time and what are the factors which are influencing the market? Is there a big corporate move on the horizon? Is it coming in or going out? Where are interest rates headed. How is the overall local economy shaping up in the near term and in the long term? What is going on in new construction, and how is that going to affect the sales of existing homes.

Granted, nobody has a crystal ball, but an intelligent, well informed real estate professional can shed a lot of light on these issues. Consider working with an agent who is in the business for the long term, REALTORS who would not be hesitating to advise you to postpone a purchase decision if it is not in your best interests, even if it means losing out on a sale at the moment.

Work with Experienced Professionals

After the first few days, it is no fun looking for a house. So, if you are truly motivated and need to buy a home, select someone who will be totally honest with you about the market. Ask questions. Does the agent have a written plan for finding your dream home? Are they full-time and do they have a strong track record? Are they part of a “world class” referral network, are they tech savvy, do they have a Brokers” license? Are they professional, committed, computerized, experienced, equipped, involved, informed, available, prepared, competitive, motivated and honest?

Bill’s Resume

Bill Leighty is a native Tulsan, educated in the public-school system and at the University of Tulsa where he studied Business and Journalism. A Broker Associate, Bill was first licensed in 1987, so he has the experience and expertise needed to provide clients and customers with the highest degree of professional advice and consultations.

Bill is a goal-oriented real estate professional who has always been involved in the community he loves by sharing his leadership skills in school and community related activities and organizations. He gives tirelessly of himself on behalf of his clients and customers through his sheer energy, long hours and uncompromising hard work and dedication. From historical preservation areas to new construction, Bill Leighty knows the area real estate market.

Bill Leighty – An Assessment of Resources


  • University Educated
  • Management & Marketing Background
  • 45 Years of Business & Professional Experience
  • Honesty & Personal Integrity
  • Tech Savvy – Utilizing the Latest Marketing Tools


  • Available – 24 Hours
  • Informed – Real Estate Issues
  • Involved – Trade & Industry Organizations
  • Career committed, Full Time, Well organized


  1. Licensed and Up-To-Date
  2. Prepared – Knowledgeable in the Marketplace
  3. Strong Negotiating Skills
  4. Competitive & Highly Motivated


  • Hundreds of Satisfied Client and Customers
  • References and Testimonials available
  • Devoted to continuing education & training


  • Married 46 years with 3 grown children
  • Gives back to the community
  • Practicing and involved Catholic
  • Hobbies include Photography and Travel
  • Loves the Performing Arts, Ballet, Opera, Orchestra, Theatre
  • Favorite charities include Catholic Charities and Tulsa Food Bank

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