The Cathedral District An Overview 

Located at the southern end of the IDL, the Cathedral District boasts a rich combination of faith, life, business, and culture. People from all over Tulsa are drawn downtown every day by six historic churches, Tulsa Community College, and up-and-coming entertainment and dining hot spots.

With an influx of renewed interest in restoration and development, key leaders of Cathedral District businesses and organizations have come together with a unified goal of enhancing walkability and stimulating life and growth in this unique part of downtown Tulsa.

Some Background Information

Once a dense collection of local businesses and amenities, the Cathedral District was heavily impacted by urban decline that affected so much of downtown Tulsa in the 1950s and 60s. In 2013, online voters named Downtown Tulsa one of the country’s worst collection of surface parking lots.

The area’s churches and higher learning institutions have long recognized the need to draw more residents and visitors into the Cathedral District, not only to attend worship services and classes but also to help revitalize a portion of the city with historical and cultural significance. 

A new district is formed

This up and coming southern end of the IDL has formed an emerging district dedicated to stimulating and supporting growth and walkability for employees and visitors to the area by emphasizing the natural amenities offered from Denver to Detroit and 7th to the IDL. More than just a handful of churches, the Cathedral District has vibrant and historic, nationally recognized churches offering the visual excellence that make parts of downtown Tulsa so special. Centering the District is a Tulsa Community College campus with more than 6,000 students and the Foolish Things Coffee Co. right next door to add to the bustling student vibe. There’s a lot more to come in this part of the IDL!

Everybody wins in an urban environment where students and professionals, visitors and residents are all encouraged to walk on safe, attractive city blocks with a convenient flow. Increasing density means improving business and engagement for every organization in the Cathedral District.

We support these pioneering businesses and hope that you will too.