The Adoption Process – A planned Marketing Approach

Selling a single-family home is typically not an overnight process. There is a selling cycle or an “adoption process” which most buyers go through before making the decision to purchase. Only after prospective buyers have gone through the entire process do they achieve the comfort level necessary to make an offer and begin negotiating.

From experience and training. Bill has learned how to recognize the various stages of this process and how to help buyers reach that comfort level; and it goes far beyond just trying to overcome objections.

PHASE ONE – Create Awareness and Interest

In this first phase of the process we attempt to create an awareness and interest in the real estate community and buying public through our marketing efforts that your home is available. Through proper pricing and “staging” we try to pique their curiosity enough to get them into the home.

PHASE TWO – Discover the Buyer’s Needs

A leading researcher has concluded that we all go through life attempting to satisfy our needs in a particular order, beginning with the need for survival and security and leading to need for social acceptance and self-esteem. From experience and training, Bill has learned how to discover buyer’s needs, motivations and “hot buttons” through the skillful use of probing questions. He is then able to demonstrate how your home’s assets and attributes meet those needs.

PHASE THREE – Overcome Fears and Objections

Perhaps the most misunderstood, underrated, and neglected skill in home selling is the ability to overcome fears and objections. It is, so to speak, what “separates the men from the boys” or more appropriately what separates the proven real estate professional from the average agent.

There are very specific methods for overcoming objections which can only be “learned” by devoted students through years of practice and experience. Bill has that experience and the expertise to successfully overcome a buyer’s fears and objections.

PHASE FOUR – “it’s the Logical Choice”

After establishing an emotional attachment to a home, most buyers look for facts or reasons which will support and justify their interest and attachment on a more intellectual basis. They want to feel confident that their purchase Is a good investment, that it will a have good resale value.  They need to sort out if it is truly better than the other homes they have seen.

In other words, they want to feel the purchase “makes sense”, that it is “the logical choice”.  Bill knows how to assist buyers is reaching that comfort level necessary to proceed with a purchase.

PHASE FIVE – Decision and Commitment

It’s the bottom line in real estate. Even sophisticated, experienced, and serious buyers need to be counseled toward a decision. Buyers need answers to countless questions, not only on your property, but on technical matters such as financing, payments, insurance and inspections.

Bill has the answers needed to satisfy buyers and earn their commitment. When Bill commits to marketing your home, you can be confident that prospective buyers will be in the hands of professional, dedicated and qualified real estate professional who is skilled and up-to-date on the market, and who knows how to close the deal.