Smart growth proponents see opportunities in the redevelopment of vacant, abandoned properties and brownfields sites.  We observe that as development gets pushed further out from the core of our cities to the fringe of town,  our main streets and central neighborhoods are often left neglected. There is enormous economic development potential in these abandoned storefronts and industrial buildings, and smart growth strategies help communities capitalize on it.  The reclamation of these properties is one of the keys to reviving any flagging economy.

Across the nation, cities and towns are using smart growth strategies to reinvest in the urban waterfronts, local business districts and historic structures that make their neighborhoods unique and appealing.  Through the reuse of already-developed land we reclaim and redevelop these sites and raise surrounding property values, create community amenities, bring in local tax revenues, attract residents and businesses, and strengthen our economy

Strong local economies grow when they provide Jobs, businesses, transportation, and affordable places to live and smart growth development standards benefit all of these simultaneously.  We can help make families, communities, and our entire region prosper by planning and building smarter.

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