Pick your REALTOR… before you determine a listing price

Does this make any sense?

Here is an analogy to consider:  Let’s say you have not been feeling well. You have experienced severe chest pains over the past month or so every time you exert yourself. You decide to consult three or four heart specialists and they each give you a different diagnosis. Are you going to become the patient of the Doctor who says you are in the best health? Or will you become a patient of the Doctor who has the best track record of DIAGNOSING and treating heart disease?

Quiet, It’s our Little Secret.

The most critical error a seller can make is to shop for a REALTOR® who convinces them that they can most closely achieve their desired selling price. That is absolutely the wrong approach to take if you want to be successful and it is also precisely why some homes on the market will never sell at their current listed price.

Let’s face it, REALTORS do not guarantee the selling price, that is a negotiated matter between the Seller and the Buyer. And the REALTOR is not going to buy your home. That is why you should be most concerned with hiring a real estate professional who will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

If you make your listing decision based on price you are likely to pick the wrong Tulsa real estate agent for the job. No phase of a residential marketing program is more important than the listing price strategy. If the listing price is wrong, then hiring an agent with 50 years of experience, or spending $100,000 for advertising will have little or no impact on getting the home sold.

REALTORS® are only human.

You’re a REALTOR®. The Sellers have insinuated they are looking for the broker who can get their price. Your listings are a little low this month. Or perhaps there is a listing contest, or maybe you are just highly competitive, or maybe you are new in the business. The point is that we have seen even the most successful top producers in the industry take properties that are vastly overpriced just to get the listing.

It’s not fun having your house on the market. So, if you are truly motivated and NEED to sell your home, save the pricing strategy until after you have selected the real estate professional. You will be best served by not even tempting agents to discuss price until that decision has been made. Ask questions of any potential Tulsa listing agent.

Are they full-time, do they have a strong track record, references from past clients and customers? Are they part of a “world class” referral network, do they utilize the latest technology? Do they have a “Broker’s” license? Are they professional, committed, computerized, experienced, equipped, involved, informed, available, prepared, competitive, motivated and honest? Well, we are all that and much more!