Midtown Tulsa |An Overview

Midtown Tulsa has a rich history and is certainly one of the city’s most prized community assets.  With its great schools, magnificent historical neighborhoods, mature urban forests, well landscaped parks, superb shopping, and a myriad of recreational and entertainment opportunities, midtown Tulsa can arguably be considered the cultural heart of the City of Tulsa.

Where is Midtown Tulsa?

Defining midtown Tulsa’s boundaries is a challenge and more of a personal opinion rather than any official determination.  Our notion of midtown begins with a northern boundary following I-244 in the Central Business District, with the west boundary lying on the east bank of the Arkansas River, the south boundary following I-44 from the Arkansas River to the east boundary at Yale Avenue.

Shown right:  Aerial view of Cascia Hall Preparatory School just south of Utica Square, looking northwest towards downtown Tulsa.  With quick access to the inner-dispersal loop and the Interstate Highway System midtown Tulsa is ideally situated for fast commutes to anywhere in the city or regional area.

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What about Midtown Tulsa schools?

Midtown Tulsa is also blessed with some of Tulsa’s finest schools, both public and private.  Most of the schools listed below have links to their individual websites.

For more information on schools and educational opportunities be sure to visit our Tulsa Schools page for additional information and resources.

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An overview of historic Midtown Tulsa neighborhoods

Tulsa is certainly blessed with some of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in America.  We never tire of hearing from clients and customers (many of whom have lived all over the world) just how impressed they are with the quality and diversity of our homes and neighborhoods.

Tulsa’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods are naturally the ones located nearest the downtown Central Business District.  After the discovery of oil around the turn of the century, beautiful new residential areas began to spring up with the greatest growth concentrated south and east of downtown Tulsa.

For more information on Midtown Tulsa and all it has to offer be sure to visit our Midtown Tulsa | An Overview section for some tips on the shopping and entertainment options.

As was the rule in many communities, many, if not most of Tulsa’s midtown neighborhoods began to decline as families made a mass exodus for new homes in suburban areas beginning in the late 1950’s and into the 60’s and 70’s.

Now, most of those midtown Tulsa neighborhoods are enjoying a renaissance and a re-birth as young families discover the character, charm and convenience of living there and move back and renovate these treasured older homes to their original grandeur or better.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that Midtown Tulsa Neighborhoods have traditionally withstood adverse market conditions better than suburban neighborhoods, further testimonial to their appeal.

Affordable Midtown Tulsa Neighborhoods

For midtown bargain hunters interested in truly historic properties consider the Stonebraker Heights area west of Denver Ave and south of the IDL (Inner Dispersal Loop), as well as the Maple Ridge area(15th to 21st St and Cincinnati to Peoria) and Tracy Park areas (south and west of 11th & Peoria.

Although they are steadily growing stronger with many homes already renovated, these neighborhoods are considered by some to be transitional areas and there are bargains still to be had.  A great amount of public and private investment has been targeted to the revitalization of downtown Tulsa and as downtown makes a comeback, so will these so-called “transitional inner-city neighborhoods.”

Other affordable homes in midtown can be found in the area bordered on the north by I-244, on the south by 21st Street, on the west by downtown and the Arkansas River and on the east by Yale Avenue.  Most of these homes were built in the 30’s, 40’s and even the 1950’s.  Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Lewiston Gardens and Florence Park (both north and south of 21st St) where nice three bedroom homes begin at around the $150 to $200K range.

Some of the best bargains left in midtown Tulsa are found both north and south of the Tulsa County Fairgrounds located at 21st & Yale Ave, where you can still occasionally find homes for less than $100,000.  We anticipate nothing but the brightest of futures for those neighborhoods.

Moderately Priced Midtown Tulsa Neighborhoods

There are numerous moderately priced mid-town neighborhoods to choose from with a wide variety of architectural styles and influences.  While most of these neighborhoods have entry level homes beginning at around $200K it is not unusual to find some homes in the same neighborhood and sometimes even on the same block at values up to $1,000,000 or more.

One of the most popular neighborhoods runs from Riverside Drive to Cincinnati Ave between 21st St and 31st St, which particularly appeals to nature buffs and the cycling and jogging community.

Nearby is the Sunset Terrace neighborhood which runs east from Cincinnati Ave to Peoria Ave and from 21st St to 31st St.  Most of the homes there were built in the 20’s and 30’s and the neighborhood is well known for it’s tree lined winding streets.

Not far away are a couple of other midtown neighborhoods that have great homes, including Terwilleger Heights which lies in the area bordered by 21st St to 26th Street from Terwilleger Blvd east to Utica Ave.  Another is the Cherry Street and Swan Lake area from 15th to 21st and Peoria Ave to Utica Ave.

Upscale Midtown Tulsa Neighborhoods

Another area surrounds the famous Philbrook Museum of Art including Rockbridge Park and the un-platted area west of Philbrook from Rockford Ave to Peoria Ave.  These stately homes have some of the largest lots in all of midtown.

Another area with larger lots is located south of 41st St between Lewis Ave and Victor Ave in the Bolewood Acres neighborhood.  There are exceptions but the homes in Bolewood were mostly built in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and are typically the sprawling ranch style on lots ranging from one half to two acres or more.  There also is some newer construction in the Bolewood area.  The area is populated by huge oak trees and is certainly one of the most beautiful residential areas of the city.

There are a couple of upscale midtown neighborhoods that are newer than most of the rest.  One is a gated community called Eight Acres on Birmingham Pl just south of 26th Pl which was developed in the 1980’s on the site formerly occupied by the campus of Holland Hall School which moved to south Tulsa.

Eight Acres is a very private and secure neighborhood with homes beginning at about $750K and going up to 2,000,000 and more.

Another neighborhood, located south of 31st St on Columiba Circle is called The Trees which was originally developed in the early 40’s, then redeveloped in the late 70’s and early 80’s when land surrounding one of the original Whitehill properties was sold off to make way for new homes.

Midtown Tulsa Luxury Homes…a lasting legacy

Midtown Tulsa’s Luxury homes are symbols of a great era in the city’s history, spanning the first 40 years after the turn of the century.  The oil wealth created during these early days led to the building of luxury homes throughout the city; with the largest concentration in the area we now call Midtown.

Tulsa enjoyed tremendous growth in the 20’s and 30’s and nowhere was that growth more evident than the building of these luxury Tulsa homes and the development of many outstanding Midtown Tulsa subdivisions.  In those days… the oil business was booming, and Tulsa’s real estate and banking expansion was not far behind.

Newer Construction in Midtown Tulsa

Most homes in midtown were built before 1950, but there has been some new construction … particularly in the last 10 to 15 years.  Due to the high cost of building sites, most of this new construction has been in the higher price ranges, typically beginning at about $450,000 to $500,000 and going up to well over a million dollars.

These new homes appeal to those who appreciate the charm and character of the older, established historic Midtown Tulsa neighborhoods but want all the modern amenities and conveniences found in new construction.  For those who can afford it, these properties make exceptional homes. 

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