Elements of Bill’ Leighty’s “High Impact” Marketing Plan

When it comes to Marketing Your Tulsa Home, Bill’s “High Impact” program is a tried and proven one. The plan was developed from studies and surveys made by the REALTORS NATIONAL MARKETING INSTITUTE, an educational, marketing, and merchandising association of REALTORS and sales associates. It is based on the experiences of the most highly successful brokers in the country.

Bill markets your home… to the Real Estate Community

Depending upon the Compensation Package you choose, we offer the following Tulsa Home Marketing options.

Bill markets your home… In-house

A leading company like WALTER & ASSOCIATES has the advantage of a sales and marketing force of trained real estate professionals to help sell your home.

We share all our listing information with those Sales Associates and many of our listings sell even before they can be processed on the Multiple Listing Service.

Many of our agents have an opportunity to tour your home usually within the first week or 10 days after the listing is taken. Our agents help introduce your home to relocating Buyers who are new to Tulsa, even before they arrive.

Bill markets your home… To the Co-Brokerage Community

Immediately after the listing period begins, we publish your listing in the Multiple Listing Service, exposing your home to over 4,000 participating member brokers and sales associates who reportedly account for 85% to 90% of all sales annually.

Bill markets your home… With Brokers Opens:

We plan and hold an exclusive, by invitation only, Brokers Open where Realtors who are active in your area and price range will get a firsthand opportunity to preview your home and see it’s many features and benefits.

Bill markets your home… to the Public at large

Through Database Prospect Matching:

The first thing we do after listing your home is to search our personal computerized database comprising over 400 records of prospective buyers who have made inquiries or called on our ads or signs or have attended one or more of our open houses.

We select every prospective buyer who remotely matches the profile already established for your home and notify them of your listing and arrange for a private showing if there is any interest.

Bill markets your home… with a highly recognizable For Sale Sign:

We will place an attractive For Sale sign on your property so that prospective buyers will know that your property is for sale and who they can contact for information or to schedule an appointment.

Do not underestimate the value of WALTER & ASSOCIATES sign. Our company has traditionally been one of the largest dollar volume real estate companies in the area and our sign offers instant credibility with both local and re-locating buyers.

The WALTER & ASSOCIATES sign works for you 24/7 to let people know the availability of your home. It is well established that prospective buyers are much more likely to call a REALTOR than they are to call an owner direct. They know they can call most anytime of the day or night and a real estate professional will be available, even when most homeowners are not within reach.

Bill markets your home… with Advertising:

New Tulsa real estate listings appear in our ad in the World of Homes Real Estate Guide in the Saturday, Tulsa World. Our listings also are eligible for our “reader” ads in the World of Homes Guide, rotating every four to six weeks.

Some listings are eligible for media appearances in other publications such as Homes and Land Digest, Harmon Homes, etc. While individual listings may vary in the amount of advertising they receive, all listings benefit from the combined traffic generated by all of the company’s listings.

Does Advertising really produce results?

We know from experience that advertising does not typically sell your home…people (REALTORS®) sell real estate. There are many ways of merchandising your home; newspaper and magazine advertising are just a few. Contrary to what most people think, newspaper advertising is not a major source of clients.

Newspaper advertising’s goal is to make the phone ring. Some houses will draw more calls, so we may use them more often. We are just like the retailer who has specials to get customers into their store so that they will consider the rest of the merchandise.

Many times, we have several similar houses and try to not advertise them on the same day, because a caller is really a prospect for all of them. By running each house at a different time, we give each owner more coverage.

Bill markets your home… through sponsored website Blog Posts and occasional Newsletters

Each month one of our new listings is featured in one of our Monthly Newsletter mailed to hundreds of prospective Buyers, friends, and past clients and customers.

Bill markets your home… through Zone-Farm Mailing:

The zone farm is comprised of from 20 to 50 of your closest neighbors. No homeowners are better advocates of your neighborhood than those people who already live there. We prepare a direct mail post card for your neighborhood with all information about the listing.

Bill markets your home… through Open Houses & Special Promotions:

We typically hold an “Open House” for all our new listings on the first or second Sunday after the listing agreement begins. Subsequent open houses are planned when appropriate, depending upon the Sellers situation.

Bill markets your home… with beautiful color brochures

We work with some of the top graphic designers in real estate to provide you with state of the art, color brochures detailing the features and benefits of your home.

When prospects view your home, they begin forming impressions from the time pull up in front of the property. A well-designed “property brochure” reinforces a positive impression in a subliminal way.

Without saying as much, it implies that both the real estate professional and the homeowner feel the home is worthy of more than the typical text heavy “fact sheet.”

Bill markets your home… on the Internet

When you list your home with Bill Leighty, you will have exposure on the Internet’s most frequently visited real estate sites, including REALTOR.COM the nation’s leading destination for Home Buyers, as well as walterandassociates.com. We take advantage of every internet marketing tool that we can, to ensure your home is prominently featured on the best sites.

Bill markets your home… with Virtual Tours

Perhaps no technological advancement has taken the real estate industry more by storm than the “Virtual Tour.” This outstanding technology gives people the opportunity to take a “tour” of your home, including 360 degree views of both the interior and exterior, while viewing from a variety of devices. It certainly is no substitute for an in-person showing but Buyers love the convenience of it.