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City of Tulsa Online
Tulsa, Oklahoma – The official site of the City of Tulsa Municipal Government includes information in six major categories; General Information, Problem Reporting, Public Safety, Community Services, Employment and Culture/Recreation.

Crime Stoppers 
A feature of of the Crime Commission and the Tulsa Police Department.

Sex Offender Registration 
Sex offender information is made available to the public pursuant to Oklahoma Law which requires all convicted sex offenders to register their current address with the local law enforcement agency.

Tulsa Airport Authority 
The mission of Tulsa Airport Authority is to provide a safe, secure and efficient air travel experience while delivering first class customer service.

Tulsa Animal Shelter 
Animals for adoption, animal control, city ordinance and cruelty investigation

Tulsa City Council 
The Tulsa City Council functions as the City’s legislative body. The Council passes local laws, reviews and approves the City’s annual budget, monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations, conducts investigations, and listens to concerns and suggestions from the residents of their districts.

Tulsa Development Authority 
Dedicated to the continual enrichment of our communities and the enhancement of our quality of life, the Tulsa Development Authority is truly devoted to the revitalization and development of Tulsa.

Tulsa Police Department 
Tulsa Police Department official home page.

Regional Government

Indian Nation Council of Governments 
INCOG is a service organization for local governments and their citizens. Services include: Community Planning and Economic Development Comprehensive Planning Transportation Planning Development Coordination Environmental and Engineering Services Research and Data Mapping and Graphics Public Safety Coordination.

Tulsa City-County Health Department 
Our work touches each person in Tulsa County, every day. We strive to prevent the spread of disease by protecting the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. We promote healthy behaviors and work to prevent illness and injuries.

Tulsa City-County Library 
Tulsa City-County Library System is the primary information and resource center for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, metropolitan area. More than 1.7 million volumes and numerous library services are available to the public.

Tulsa County Election Board 
Election schedules, precinct locator, sample ballots, election results, etc.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office 
The official website of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Tulsa County Web Site
Through its elected officials and employees, Tulsa County shall serve each citizen and visitor in the most efficient, courteous, and fiscally responsible manner using the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and respect for others.

State Government

State of Oklahoma’s Official Web Site 
Oklahoma offers many online government services to serve you. Whether you are looking to renew your professional license or search for unclaimed property, you will find it at

Federal Government

Congressman Kevin Hern 
Welcome to the official Web site of Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. I hope you find the resources on this site both informative and useful.