How to find the best Tulsa REALTORS?  

An excellent way to find a the best agents is to compare the services and track record of leading REALTORS, utilizing the resources of your favorite search engine. Search for “Tulsa Realtors” or “Tulsa Homes for Sale”, or “Tulsa Real Estate for Sale.”  Visit a dozen or so websites of the most prominent search results and evaluate them based upon your needs and expectations. Narrow the list to two or three REALTORS and invite them to interview for the right to market your home or to help you purchase one.

During your interviews be sure to ask for references and client testimonials. Address the key issues that are important to you and ask how they will be handled. Lean towards the agent with whom you seem to have the best rapport. It really does not need to be any more complicated than that.

Why Choose A REALTOR to Assist Me? Good Question!

It is possible of course to “go it alone” when buying or selling a home. Buyers can watch for new signs in a particular neighborhood, and try and keep up with various advertising offers, attend open houses and call individual listing agents. And Sellers can always try the “For Sale by Owner” route for their Tulsa real estate if they choose, but today’s market is definitely not favorable for such a strategy.

When you get right down to it, there are too many benefits to be gained to not retain a top agent to represent you in one of life’s more important investment decisions. In today’s environment it makes good sense to use a REALTOR.

The fact is that the average real estate transaction has become a tangled web of paperwork, inspections, lender requirements and more, so it makes the answer to the question of Why Choose A Realtor both simple and dramatic!

Why Choose Bill Leighty as your Tulsa Real Estate Agent?

With literally thousands to choose from, there are probably quite a few real estate professionals you could hire to help you buy or sell a home. Several years ago, we adopted a commitment to Total Quality Personal Service on an Individual Basis that we feel separates us from the vast majority of other Tulsa REALTORS. Click here for some answers to Why Choose our Team.

Rather than trying to convince you with a bunch of rhetoric, we have tried to provide you with a multitude of Sold Property References and Testimonials from satisfied past clients and customers who have utilized our services and rated our performance as “perfect” or “near perfect.

When you select the Bill Leighty Group as your real estate professionals, you will be getting an experienced, full-time, top producing agent with a proven track record who will implement an aggressive and well organized step by step plan to help you buy or sell your home. You will benefit from every technological resource available in the industry today, ongoing communications and support from one of Tulsa’s top real estate firms.


For many years our firm has enjoyed the a leading position in the high-end Tulsa real estate market in gross dollar volume of sales. That position has been earned by WALTER & ASSOCIATES REALTORS For consistently providing our clients and customers with the kind of service they deserve and expect.