The Early Years of Central Park

Central Park Residences were built as the Center Plaza Apartments and completed in 1970.  The project was designed by Murray Jones Murray, a Tulsa architectural firm that flourished in the second half of the 20th Century; creating a lasting legacy and impact on Tulsa’s built environment. 

The firm was involved in the creation of many of Tulsa’s most iconic structures including the Civic Center Masterplan, Assembly Center, 21st & Lewis Doctor’s Building, major Tulsa International Airport design projects including the award-winning terminal, the 41-story First Place Tower, old City Hall, OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, Texaco Headquarters Building and many others. 

MJM was known among peers for their high-quality design and restrained, simple approach to architecture.  It was developed in part by one of the firm’s partners, Bob Jones.  Jones studied under Mies Van der Rohe the godfather of the The Mies “less is more” look, which plays out in numerous MJM buildings.   

The beauty was in the details and the integration of building systems.  Young professionals have dubbed this look Mid-Century Modern.  Some Architects call it the International Style, and others… Brutalist Architecture.  Regardless of its title, this approach to architecture makes a strong design statement and has a loyal following among architectural aficionados. 

More about the evolution of Central Park below:

Transition to Condos 

Demand is Weak 

Management Missteps

Rising in 2020



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