Interesting articles and profiles of Tulsa People and Places

PEOPLE & PLACES: Downtown Tulsa’s Underground Tunnels A fascinating peak at our urban underbelly

Have you been thinking about taking one of the downtown Tulsa’s underground tours; imagining dark, damp and musty dungeon-like tunnels, reminiscent of England’s medieval torture chambers? Perhaps you’ve seen images of long, dimly lit, narrow passageways with low ceilings; where you might faintly hear creaky doors and…


PEOPLE & PLACES – William Franklin Tulsa's Avant Garde Artist and Businessman Extraordinaire

Working to build a city that attracts and retains talent, like William Franklin, has been a pursuit of mine for years. Known professionally as William the Artist, Franklin could arguably thrive in any city on the planet; but he purposefully chooses to live in Tulsa.  As an admirer of his and as an urban planning…