Bill’s No Cost Services for Home Buyers

The Bill Leighty Group offers complete “turn-key” real estate services to buyers at no cost. A home purchase is often the single largest investment we ever make and it doesn’t make any sense to go it alone. The advice and counsel of an experienced and seasoned Tulsa real estate agent doesn’t cost… it pays! Our step by step Buying Strategy has helped hundreds of families over the past 30 years.  Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Key Benefits of Bill’s Services

  • Our resources for locating homes saves you time!
  • Our knowledge & negotiating skills save you money!
  • Our team of support personnel make everything simple!

Before making an offer, please review these documents

Oklahoma Contract Information Booklet…Things You Need to Know!  It provides important information about the Purchase Agreement and more.  The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission publishes this helpful document.  This guide explains in detail various elements of the Contract of Sale that you will want to understand completely, as well as other important information.

Bill’s Step-By-Step Home Buying Strategy and Services 

Step #1 Find a REALTOR

First things first. “When You’re Serious About Buying a Home”, it only makes sense to work with a dedicated real estate professional who can make the experience a positive one.  With thousands of licensed agents to choose from you want to select one who can perform when the time arrives to make a commitment. The last thing you want to do is walk into an open house that might turn out to be just the one you are looking for, without first arranging for representation by your own agent, because by then it may be too late.

Step # 2 Select A Lender / Get Pre-Qualified.

It should come as no surprise that not all Lenders are “created equal” and that is why it is so important to arrange for financing with a reliable institution who can not only provide a good interest rate, but who has the resources and support necessary to complete the transaction in a business like manner.  During prosperous times many new lenders come into the market only to disappear when times get tough. We can help you avoid the Johnny Come Lately and select a lender you can count on when push comes to shove.

And in this competitive environment it is important that Buyers are pre-qualified, and have a commitment letter in hand before they begin looking at homes. Prospective buyers are competing against each other for the most desirable homes, and often a commitment letter is the difference between success and failure when the remaining terms of competing offers are more or less equal.

Step # 3 Figure Monthly Payments 

We will help you identify a reliable lender with a competitive interest rate who will assist you determining a comfortable payment and purchase price range.

Step #4 Searching Homes for Sale in Greater Tulsa

In this section you will find pointers on how to identify a suitable neighborhood and locate homes that meet your needs. Then we will provide you with the most powerful Tulsa home search engine where you can easily search for your new home in the privacy of your own home or office. Whether you are looking for Tulsa luxury homes, Midtown Tulsa homes, or something completely different, this site will provide you with the tools and information you need to find the best home available.

Step #5 Determine a Favorable Purchase Price

Once your new home has been identified, we will provide you all the information you need to determine a realistic value and negotiating strategy for the property.

Step #6 Arrange for Home Inspections 

In this section you will learn what questions to ask and what inspections to consider to insure that your prospective new home has no hidden flaws or defects. Then we will make all of the necessary arrangements for your inspections and forward the reports to you immediately upon receipt.

Step #7 Closing the Deal

Buying a home can be stressful at times since there are so many details to consider … the new loan, the escrowed earnest money, the appraisal, the inspections, abstracting and title examinations to name but a few. We will track the transaction step by step so that you can relax and make plans to move into your new home.

Step # 8 Support After the Sale

We would like to be your REALTOR® for life and we provide valued customers and clients with a myriad of after sale services including, homestead reminder notices, free market analysis, quarterly newsletters, free value determination for insurance purposes, not to mention our highly rated web site.

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