Dear Central Park Community,

I write this post with a heavy heart and a deep sense of regret for the words I shared in my previous blog post about the decision to remove the windows from the long-term reserve program, back in October of 2021. It is with humility and the utmost sincerity that I offer my heartfelt apology for the way my actions may have undermined the progress made by the board at that time.

Looking back, I realize the timing and tone of my criticism were flawed and inconsiderate. I failed to recognize the efforts the board had put into their decision-making process, and my call for a pause was disruptive and unfair to their hard work. While it was never my intent to damage the relationship I had built with management and the board, I acknowledge that my words may have come across as confrontational and disrespectful, and for that, I am truly sorry.

As an invested member of this community, I had a responsibility to voice my concerns and opinions in a more timely and constructive manner. By waiting until after the board’s decision had been made public, I failed to engage in the necessary discussions that could have influenced the outcome more positively.

I recognize the importance of open dialogue, collaboration, and respectful communication within our community and today I humbly extend an olive branch to the board and management. Rebuilding trust takes time, and I’m willing to patiently work toward it. By learning from my mistakes and embracing a more collaborative and considerate approach I hope to strengthen the bonds that make our community unique and special.

Throughout my 11 years as a resident/owner of Central Park Residences, I’ve worked diligently to help improve our community’s quality of life. It has been painful to witness the extraordinary damage to our trees and shrubs caused by two historic weather events in the last couple of years.  I want to restore that damage to the master landscaping plan that I helped create and implement; as soon as possible with loving care and attention to detail.  

In conclusion, I now agree that the decision to remove the windows and add the HVAC to the long-term reserve programs was indeed the right, only, and obvious choice given the circumstances.  I sincerely hope that my heartfelt act of contrition will lead to healing and a renewed sense of cooperation and collaboration among us. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Bill Leighty





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