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Bill Leighty, GRI
Metro Tulsa Realty Group

4105 S. Rockford Ave
Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 605-5529 (cell)
(918) 592-6000 (office)
(918) 398-5288 (fax)
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Tulsa Talk

        Community affairs and dialogue


     Meet Tulsa's bloggers (some would describe as a collection of trouble makers) who are using an emerging medium of communication to keep an eye on local government, to fill in the gaps in mainstream media coverage of local government, and to advocate on behalf of the city they love those ideas they believe in.


     Local blogger is mother of all Tulsa bloggers, an urban planning activist and a personal friend of mine. 


Bounded Rationality
 46 year old Jeff Shaw lists his occupation as "Husband & Father - The best job in the world."


Living On Tulsa Time
     The Rants of a Mad Okie, Concerning Tulsa, Politics, and Life in General"


    Another trouble maker we love to hate.  Former city councilor, Chris Medlock weaves his zany ideas and conspiracy theories between radio broadcasts.


Meeciteewurkor:: This is your brain on Tulsa
     A little different slant on things in Tulsa.


     OkiePundit, a pseudonymous insider writing about state and local politics from a left-of-center perspective at, began blogging in September 2002, but has been on hiatus since March of 2005 but all archives still available.


Our Tulsa World
     This is not the Tulsa World owned by the money people. It's for the citizens of Tulsa run by ordinary citizens who could occasionally use a spell checker.


Roemerman on Record
     Comments on subjects that interest me, including but not limited to Tulsa, technology, politics, religion, and life.


Tulsa Beacon
     A weekly newspaper. Paid circulation. Tulsa Oklahoma.


Tulsa Chiggers
     Blog to discuss topics of interest to the people in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma that sometimes gets "under our skin", much like those annoying red bugs or "chiggers".


Tulsa Now Website & Forum
     Discussions, events and community message board for Tulsa.


Tulsa Today Forum
     Tulsa Today local news service


Tulsa Topics
     Some commentary on the City of Tulsa, State of Oklahoma, and United States news. Emphasis on Tulsa Politics and Northeastern Oklahoma. Encompasses the Tulsa Metro Area and Suburbs surrounding Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.