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                       Tulsa Photos


     Welcome to our newly created "Tulsa Photos" section where we hope to build a collection of photographs that will provide visitors with a graphic overview of Tulsa's beauty and splendor.  Any professional or amateur photographer is welcome to submit images for consideration. 


Contributing Professional Photographers
Website Email
Rick Stiller Photoworks

Rick's website

email Rick

John Amatucci Photography John's website email John


Contributing Amateur Photographers
Website Email
Forrest Hickling


email Forrest



To see Tulsa Photos visit our Tulsa Information & Downtown Tulsa pages
We are just beginning this project so the image library is limited but building


     We are looking for pictures that show dramatically, the vibrancy, the beauty and the "essence" of Tulsa.   We are interested in shots of Tulsa's architectural icons as well as our popular destinations and attractions.  We want photos of people having fun at our festivals, outdoor events and sporting activities including the lifestyle at our nearby lakes and rivers.


     We want pictures of our shopping and entertainment districts like Utica Square, Brookside, Cherry Street, as well as the Brady, Blue Dome, Greenwood and BOK Districts.  We are interested in photos of Downtown Tulsa, the Tulsa skyline, and campus life at TCC, the University of Tulsa and ORU.  Basically, anything that is distinctively Tulsa and represents our community in a favorable light, even vintage photographs.


     In the beginning we will populate our existing Tulsa Information and Downtown Tulsa pages with submitted photos and as the library grows we will create a new link bar and supporting pages to categorize the photos.  We will also optimize the pages so that they will rank high in the search engines for the most popular Tulsa Photo searching terms.


                                   Our Motivation


     Several years ago, a prospective client who was considering an employment opportunity in Tulsa asked if we knew of any website that had a broad graphic overview of what Tulsa looked like.  He was a highly sought after physician that was being recruited by a local health care provider.  While he had been here several times for interviews and more or less had fallen in love with Tulsa, his wife, who had never been here, was much less enthusiastic about the move.  They lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and her perception of Oklahoma in general and Tulsa in particular was very negative.


     We began to look around to see if we could find a site that would help her see what we were all about.  We spent hours and hours searching for such a website but came up empty-handed.  We were very surprised to find that even those who are charged with economic development and attracting tourism apparently don't understand the basic premise that a "a picture is worth a thousand words."  We can only assume that the cost to deliver such a site is considered by most to be prohibitive.


     So, we decided as a public service that we would ask our local photographers to consider volunteering to add high quality photos to our highly ranked real estate site that would help promote our town, since it is often the very first view that many potential newcomers have of Tulsa.


                             Our Terms and Conditions

  • You may subtly add a © mark, name, website or email address to your submissions

  • Photos to be displayed on my Tulsa Information and Downtown Tulsa pages

  • You may withdraw your permission for use at any time for any reason

  • You approve the placement and display characteristics of all photos

  • Other requested terms by you will be agreed to before publication

What's in it for You?

  • Your work and your brand will receive exposure on a highly ranked website

  • We provide a "reciprocal link" opportunity to help your site's search engine ranking

  • Your contribution will serve the greater community and promote our city

  • As the collection grows, other Tulsa businesses and websites will link to us

  • Thereby increasing the value of our link to your site

What's in it for Me?


           Quite honestly, our site is already very highly ranked in the search engines so we will gain no material or financial benefit by the addition of the photos we are seeking.  Our only motivation is to showcase the outstanding work of our local professional and amateur photographers by providing visitors with a collection of photographs that truly characterizes what life in Tulsa looks like.


     I     We want it to be something all of us can be proud of and that will be free of commercial interests, while giving full recognition to those who contribute their work.  Please consider helping us accomplish this goal.  Thanks so much for your consideration.


                    If you would like to participate in this project
Here is our contact information:

                   Email address:

Cell phone:  918 605-5529