VISION TULSA OVERVIEW – Proposition 1 – Public Safety $272 million projected over the first 15 years

Proposition 1 – If approved, the permanent, dedicated public safety tax will provide funding for the addition of 160 new police officers and 65 new firefighters. The City states that the added police officers will allow police stations to remain open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It likely will improve response times for police by having more patrol officers ready to answer calls.

VISION TULSA OVERVIEW – Proposition 2 – Streets & Transportation $102 million projected over the first 15 years

Proposition 2 – The common denominator of cities with effective transit systems is a source of dedicated funding. Dedicated and predictable funding facilitates the long-term planning required to bring the city up to competitive levels of performance. With the approval of Proposition 2, Tulsa can take begin to build a transit system for the 21st Century.

VISION TULSA OVERVIEW – Proposition 3 – Economic Development $510,634,000 over 15 Years

Background Information The current Tulsa County Vision 2025 sales tax will expire at the end of 2016. Vision 2025 is an unprecedented and highly successful countywide program of community enrichment and economic development projects. In late 2014, with the end of the Vision 2025 nearing, local officials began discussing the prospect of identifying new community…

PROPOSED ARKANSAS RIVER DESIGN OVERLAY A blueprint for desirable development in the corridor

Get ready to speak up! After the Vision Tulsa election on April 5th, Tulsans can turn their attention to a matter of crucial importance to sustaining and improving the quality of life in the Arkansas River corridor. For well over a year, a group has worked to establish design standards and guidelines for new developments in what, if approved, will be the first Special Area Overlay District incorporated into the city’s new updated zoning code.