Blue Dome District

                                        An Overview


     Named after a building that was once a 1920's gas station, The Blue Dome District has literally transformed a previously declining section of downtown Tulsa into a vibrant and energy filled entertainment area.  The iconic looking Blue Dome Building, a former Gulf Oil Service Station was built in 1924 and served early day Route 66 travelers and locals alike.

     Lying from First and Third streets between Elgin and Greenwood, the Blue Dome District is now a well known hub of Tulsa’s downtown nightlife scene.  With a diverse offering of pubs, restaurants, and watering holes, which host the best in local bands and entertainment, the Blue Dome District presents a laid back atmosphere favored by many of Tulsa’s creative younger generation. 

     A couple of young entrepreneurs have been the catalyst for this major downtown transformation with the opening of McNellie’s Public House, El Guapo’s Mexican Cantina and the Dilly Deli Café to name a few.  Other establishments in the Blue Dome District include Jo Momma’s Pizza, Yokozuna, the Blue Dome Diner, Dirty’s Tavern, Arnie’s Irish Pub, the 1974 Pub & Grill, and the Blank Slate.  There is plenty of nearby parking so it is easy and convenient to get around, and all of the venues are within easy walking distance of each other. 

                       A Hub of Activity    

     The district is also known for The Blue Dome Arts Festival, which runs at the same time and within walking distance of Tulsa’s annual Mayfest celebration.  In the past, the area has also hosted the Dfest Music Festival when streets are blocked off as tens of thousands of music fans descend on the area for two days of music showcasing just about every genre on over 10 different stages. 

Meet the Blue Dome Proprietors

1974 Pub & Grill
Dilly Deli Cafe
Arnie's Irish Pub
Dirty's Tavern
Blank Slate
El Guapo's Mexican Cantina
Blue Dome Arts Festival
Jo Momma's Pizza
Blue Dome Diner
McNellie's Public House
Dfest Music Festival