Bill Leighty is a local blogger and Walter & Associates real estate professional with 34 years experience in the local market.

He has been actively involved in the community he loves by sharing his leadership skills in school and community related activities and organizations. In February of 2009, Bill was appointed by Mayor Kathy Taylor and confirmed by the City Council to a seat on the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission where he served for five years, including a stint as its Chair. Bill was also appointed to the Mayor’s Land Use Task Force created to make recommendations for improved public education and communications regarding land use matters.

Most recently, Bill served 5-years on Tulsa’s Transportation Advisory Board as Vice-Chair, which makes transit related recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. Continuing to give back to the community he loves,

Bill founded Smart Growth Tulsa in 2014, an Oklahoma non-profit organization whose mission is To Advocate and Shape Smart Public Policy. Bill Leighty gives tirelessly of himself on behalf of his clients, customers and organizations through his sheer energy, uncompromising hard work and dedication. From historical preservation areas to new construction, Bill knows the real estate market, both residential and commercial.

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